A Poem on Being Silent to Violence Called Silence Machine

Updated on January 3, 2018
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Old school poet. Loves rhymes. Loves Comics, Manga and Anime. Terrible at doodles. Fighting Depression, Dysthymia and Anxiety.

Kage Doodles [Silence Machine]
Kage Doodles [Silence Machine]

Silence Machine

They fought over language, not just with talks,
And I spoke a neutral tongue.
They fought over region, and they lost the plot,
I just moved to a different town.
They fought over religion, with their narrow thoughts,
I sat down for I never believed.
They fought over caste, and I left amused,
It felt like identifying as a breed.

But every stone broke my window,
Every fist hit my chin,
Every threat chilled my spine,
And every blade cut my skin.

As I stood aside and watched it all,
Sharing pictures and writing on walls,
And called the helpers to lend a hand,
As they clapped and waved from a distant land.

And I continued to watch, from so many eyes,
As helpless as I am.
Inactive email accounts receiving,
Continuous spam.
Skin so thick with wounds
consolidated over years,
Screw it, this is how it always is,
And a deadpan face appears.

But sometimes I just want to explode,
And turn the perpetrators to dust,
Take a truck and hit the road,
And have all their leaders crushed.

Then I shrug, resume my face blank,
What can a peaceful one do?
And my conscious says "Thanks,
This is why you deserve the abuse!"

© 2018 C W Kage


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