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They All Gone

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Ali is a young writer who lives in Manila, Philippines. She has the heart for words and soul for poetry.


The rays of sunlight are blinding
Chirping birds are music to my ear
The ecstatic feeling that this moment can bring
Is the exception to nothing

There are days where coffee gives jitters
There are nights where it does awake sadness
Some days and nights where anxiety gives me companion
Today, they all gone

I stop hearing noises
I stop the tears
I start seeing the crystals of what lies ahead
I am not afraid anymore

I become thrilled
Who am I gonna meet?
Who are the persons in the future?
What memories they will bring?

I hope this will last longer
Like the birds in branches every afternoon
Like the forest I am now seeing
Like the life of a young woman dreaming

© 2019 Ani

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