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The Real Superheroes

They may show us the robust army
They may seem to be a volcanic rock,
Strong, tough and sturdy
But we wouldn't never know...
They must be frightened too…!

Facing the battlefield with tons of tension
All things appear terrifying,
They wouldn't know what to expect
They would be back home with victory
Or otherwise,
Engulfed by the war...!

Before this...
They must have hundreds rivals
And mostly they won
But now they combat the one biggest enemy,
That should be killed to its root

There could be a powerful desires,
That surge their spines to please,
And pleased by the amatory one
But those things become the last to be fulfilled…
Even burried and forgotten
For one thing additional urgent!

And they must have dreams to gain
But sincerely left it behind
For the earth's hope,
The end of the pandemic…

They keep fight!
Sacrifying their lives to save the earth
The silent enemy should be destroyed
Get them eliminated to the forever desertion!

They’re the frontliners
Act bravely in wartime
They’re the brick fortress
Ensuring our safety day by day

They collaborate while not surrender,
In this such a crucial age of history
They help and cure,
Only to grant citizen relief
We send respect and love
To the real superheroes!

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