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A poem by Bazooka title "Worked"

Bazooka Teaches used to be an educator at the secondary level in Los Angeles, but he decided to follow his dreams and fight evil with words.

Does this life last long or what?

Good feelings come and go though

When I go, will it be the same up there or wherever we go?

Bad feelings can be a pain

Used up lust but fun

When it’s all done, I’ll go home

On a spiritual road outside of this dome

Here I am now, dead spread ready to be taken

Could it be that I won’t get that taxi

Maybe I’ll get a slide into the fryer

That’s my luck when I trample over my bucket

At least I always manage to laugh in the rain

You look up just to do the same

My eyes always burn and tears relieve

Can I buy good feelings up there?

It seems like I have to here

Dreams burn up quick in this fair

Street lights light my way but I don’t know where to go

With my black suit ready for the morgue

I still laugh when rain ruins my suit

I say this and I hope you agree

Just get out

And enjoy the work in a place

Where we can buy good things

With smiles and laughter

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