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For the Love of God - the Meaning of My Life

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry in her free time.


I want to share with you a poem about love. A poem can express what we experience in a special way. For me, a poem is more magical than a text written in prose. Inspired, moving, full of deep feelings and desires. But it is worth writing about love in all possible ways - both in verse and prose. It is worth creating for love! It is worth living for love!

I account for my imperfect love so far - withdrawn and full of jealousy, and I choose a spiritual love - unconditional, giving freedom, bringing a sense of unity with everyone.

I still like this direction! It may seem too lofty, or difficult to implement in our earthly conditions. Sure it is! But my heart and mind are tearing up "up" - and I mean not some distant expanses but our inner heathens. What we can experience on a spiritual and love level as we wish to develop in these areas.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

— – Denis Waitley

What is love according to me?

“Something that does not know the conditions, limitations, and needs.
Since it doesn't know the terms, it doesn't require anything to express itself. It demands nothing in return. Withhold nothing in retaliation.

It does not restrain the other because it knows no boundaries. It is limitless and lasts forever. It is not subject to barriers or borders.

Because it does not know what is needed, it tries not to accept anything that does not come from the generosity of the heart. Attempts not to hold back anything that does not want to be held back. Attempts not to give anything that will not be accepted with joy.

It's also entirely free. Because freedom is the Essence of God, and Love is a manifestation of God, Love is what is free."

The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it.

— ― Henri J.M. Nouwen

The littleness of my Love

Forgive me, God, for the littleness of my Love

Forgive me, you whom by loving - I hurt

myself and did not give you full freedom - By

need, expectation, jealousy - I limited

Today with tears of regret,

I wash away the sins of the past.

Fear bound my soul, it choked my heart. I

choked down my thoughts and words,

I withdrew my gestures.

Even though I wanted to, I did not show any more.

I gave into doubt, I restrained joy.

What was not, I called Love.

I want to feel unity without guilt, without harm.

Do not set conditions, do not set boundaries.

With joy, abandon codes, regulations, rules

I will be free in Love and

I will give this freedom to everyone

I will free me and you, my beloved loved ones.

I Love with all my heart, to the top, to the bottom of

spilled Love freely, without obstacles, without there

boldly, to the fullest - without rest to give this

The soul feels community with every Divine Being

Love boundless, unconditional-

is the goal, the meaning of my life


Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of Love.

— -- Rumi

When I read this poem I can appreciate myself for the great progress I have made. For me, it is not only an ideal, but it is also something that can be put into practice every day. I am trying, and there is probably a long way ahead of me. But what a wonderful road this is! Full of love!

Hasbi Rabbi by Sami Yousaf - with English Translation

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh


Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on July 04, 2021:

I have edited this article a little

Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on May 09, 2021:

Thanks a lot for your beautiful remarks, Chitra Di— much appreciated

Yes, the word Love has various definitions—- I would say, Love Is a Many-Leveled Thing. In all sense Love is great, a great power with no doubts. We all are spiritual beings and I believe, everyone of us have the same destination. I am very glad to know that you liked it. Much Love

Blessings always

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on May 08, 2021:

Beautifully expressed.

Love has different meanings for different people. I can relate to your interpretation of love.

Thank you for sharing this. This was heartfelt. God bless you.

Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on May 08, 2021:

Thanks a lot for your beautiful response, Brenda— highly appreciated. A spiritually healthy person has a clear purpose in life and is able to reflect on the meaning of events. We all are spiritual beings and are on the same path. Gratitude!!

Blessings always

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 07, 2021:


I am glad that your journey is taking the route of the spiritual healer.

He shows us love like no other.

It is so difficult to come to terms & love those who have caused you to be jealous. Who have hurt your love in the past.

I get the jealousy stems from inside but a seed was planted from another.

This is a highly insightful and inspirational piece of work.

Take care.

Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on May 07, 2021:

The real meaning of my life

Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on May 07, 2021:

Thanks a lot for your kind remarks, Muhammad — much appreciated

I am glad to know you liked it. Gratitude. I am pleased to see you here, You are welcome


Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on May 07, 2021:

Thanks for the appreciation, dear Peggy, God's love is eternal and it always prevails, it is unconditional. Limitless, No amount of earthly love can surpass His love for us. Love is a very powerful action. We seek wholeness in the love of God. How glorious is the love of God! I am still on the journey. The road is beautiful I am trying, and there is probably a long way ahead of me. Thanks for your kindness— much appreciated


Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on May 07, 2021:

Thanks a lot for your beautiful response, Pamela. I am glad to hear that you loved it. Much love

Blessings always

Misbah Sheikh (author) from The World of Poets on May 07, 2021:

Thanks a lot for your beautiful remarks, Amara

Yes, I too love that quote of Rumi. I am glad you liked it.

Thanks for taking time to read and comment dear sister


Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra from Toronto on May 07, 2021:

The poem very comprehensively tries to encompass the many dimensions of love and that is fascinating! I liked how the preamble talked about the sense descriptively laying down the context of the poem! awesome!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 07, 2021:

Hi Misbah,

Your spiritual journey is taking you to a lovely place which is evident in your words. We are all on a spiritual path, and some appear to be nearer the light than others. From reading this and many of your other posts, you shine with the nearby light.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on May 07, 2021:

I love your definition of love, Misbah. Your beautiful poem touched my heart. I really enjoyed reading everything you wrote.

Love and blessings!

Amara from Pakistan on May 07, 2021:

Nicely written.. I love this quote of Rumi you mentioned at the end..

Step out the circle of time and into the circle of love.. awesome..

Thanks for sharing..

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