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A Poem About Life - I Pursue Happiness and Not Fame

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

A Poem About Life - I pursue Happiness and not Fame

A Poem About Life - I pursue Happiness and not Fame

I don’t need the gems of the world
To be called a king
A king sitting on a thrown
With servants
A king ruling over the peasants of the earth

I don’t need to be called invincible
Praised for
Loved and worshiped
Like the religion of the church

I’d continue to be like me
Low key
I don’t need a title to be called worthy
Coz, I’ve matured enough in this life
To still be caring about envy

Bragging about a moment
And convincing me,
That moment
To be a measure of my life
Reality check please
Your IG’s and TikToks
Can’t extinguish my fire

And if you’re happy with your life
Good for you
Stay on your own tracks
I’ll stay on mine
Though my wine is cheaper
I am proud of my labor
Though I can’t call it sweeter
I grow my own vine
And I’m filling fresh wineskins
For the future

I’m tuned in
To my goals
With awareness of self-appreciation
And care less
About other people’s reflections of resentments
Of failed dreams
And personal aspirations

You blew your opportunity with greatness
Don’t delay my wagon
I’m on a mission
And during this journey
I have no free space
For an excess
I’m learning from your behavior now
Your failures
Are very obvious
To be the driving factor
Of your efforts
To restrain my success

And unlike you
I can still breathe
Even if the crowds don’t chant my name
Because unlike you
I pursue happiness
And not fame

© 2021 Erl Sua

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