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An Untold Story


A nightmare

Before my birth there they wrote my story,
I feel attached to someone whom I have known,
Since when I am somewhere in a black cage,
They call her my mother.
Either when she laughed in joy or cried in pain, I have been always there consoling her, keeping her warm.
I felt every single movement she makes.
she introduces me to her family as a girl,
Now I realize they were talking about me.
I want the same fun and joy as my other sibling does,
But they ended me like a nightmare, the scary one they couldn't even hold me for a second,
It seems like they have already decided on the script.



JYOTI SHUKLA (author) from INDIA on April 24, 2021:

Thank for taking the time to appreciate my work, despite the fact that I know that society cannot change overnight, we still need to make continuous efforts which is why I wrote this short and easy to understand article.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on April 24, 2021:

This is short, but a very powerful piece written from the view of an unwanted girl child in a society where male children are preferred. This is a tragic situation that needs to end.

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