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A New State of Mind


The Forest

The subconscious mind moves through places and stairs
Do you sit on many chairs?
Now you are feeling unsettled and confused
You can not alter what is not in your hands
The life of the closest of people
is not the path to walk across
What we dare to do and fix
is not made out of sticks
it consists out of a dusty pile of bricks
Not all human beings are what they are told
Some are not meant to hold
You have to be bold
Try to escape the cold on your own
Those that are thrown
just want to be alone
You are all grown
Every loan is made of stone
Don't let it break your bones



Is it painful to watch and not act?
Is there anything scarier than what scares you most?
To feel helpless is to struggle
To feel lost is to have black clouds of exhaust
Can you embrace a problem that can not be crossed?
Find comfort in what you lost
Force yourself to accept what is not yours to be saved
Stop getting yourself involved in something that can't be solved


Character is destiny

We are sometimes born to help
Help others feel
And it is totally okay if they can't control the wheel
Not all of us are able to heal fast
We don't have to feel abashed
Proper help is unsurpassed
A wake-up call is needed at last
Understand your inner thoughts and intuition
Don't keep roaming in the forest
August you promised
I hope my prayers will be heard
The painting will be restored
Realization is not absurd
Have faith in your own ability and how you approach situations