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A New Birthing Day


A new birthing day

With a soft stillness and even flow, I got out of my bed from sleep and opened my door
Everything is very quiet stillness is in the air, I got up early to get some breakfast and look for the daily clothing to wear
Sitting at my window and exploring the view, two birds landed and bellowed sweet tunes
No parrots I've seen I wonder where they are and what they are doing, I like to see and hear them as they head out in the morning
Now there are dogs in the distance barking out loud, and soon roads will be filled with many cars and crowds
When you look at nature at the rise of a new birthing day, so much can be appreciated in so many ways
The grass of greenery the flowers that are opening up to show the plants and tall trees, even the wild weeds
The morning dew on the grass, the birds that sing so eloquently with class
Trees rounded looks others croaked looks neighbors waking up to also view,
a birthing day opening up to new.

© 2021 The Eloquent Heart Writer

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