A Poem of a Man Supporting His Woman Who Is Stronger Than Him called Lucy Vs The World

Updated on December 5, 2017
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Old school poet. Loves rhymes. Loves Comics, Manga and Anime. Terrible at doodles. Fighting Depression, Dysthymia and Anxiety.

Kage Doodles [ Lucy Vs The World ]
Kage Doodles [ Lucy Vs The World ]

Lucy Vs The World

You’re one of the strong ones,
When you stand on your feet,
Magnanimously breaking the ground,

For the world pulled you under,
Your heart it did cheat,
But somehow the surface you found,

In you I found strength,
In tiny doses,
You intoxicated my heart,

And whenever I fell,
You made me believe,
That never is ever late to start,

So let my arms curl around you,
Take some weight off your shoulders,
And place it on mine if I may,

Or let me just kiss you,
My hero, my soldier,
I’m all right either way.

I can’t tell you don’t cry,
Or that it’s okay,
Of course it’s bloody not.

Just do what you need to,
I’m a phone call away,
And I’ll take everything you’ve got.

So be strong if you can,
Or weak if you want to,
Do what YOU feel is right,

Always hold your hand,
Always here to talk to,
Always here to kiss you goodnight.

© 2017 C W Kage


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