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A Little Love

Just a Little More Love

At last you are now mine.
I know you always tell me of how much you love me, and I love you too.
It's magical how it makes me feel satisfied,
it's like it's everything I've ever wanted,

But everytime you say goodbye,
everytime you leave that door
jealous kicks in,

But I don't know why I am this jealous?
Is it because I don't like how you'll spend most of the little free time you get with your friends and the least with me?
How boring am I?
Is it because I don't have much to say to you?
Am I a bad listener?
Honestly baby I don't like how he looks at you, how he hug's you and how he makes you smile so much.

Is it part of love?
Tell me, how safe is my heart?
Should I go away for some time alone and see if I'll find peace,
but what kind of man just shuts his girl out of his life.

How I wish I could look you in the eyes while asking these questions,
but I don't want you to know how insecure I am
I think I will just write what I feel and may be one day you'll find time to read this.

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