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A Little Butterfly, a Poem

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Mar is a child educator and an English lit graduate who enjoys reading and writing poems, articles, and short stories on various topics.


The growth cycle of butterflies reveals a lot about their transformational abilities.
"They can't stop talking about my change," the butterfly told the sun. It's something I'll only be able to do once in my life.
If only they knew they could do it at any moment and in a variety of ways, they would.
They're lovely and adorable.
Butterflies can't see their wings since they are transparent.
They are blind to their own beauty, but everyone else can.
People are also like that.
Perhaps the butterfly exemplifies how you could go through a lot of sorrow and still emerge as something lovely.


So, let go of the past.
Believe in the future and be open to change.
Break yourself from your cocoon.
Spread your wings.
Ride the breezes and dare to get off the ground.
Take time to appreciate the flowers.
Put on your most vibrant outfit.
Allow your beauty to bloom like a butterfly.

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A Little Butterfly



A little butterfly, is growing alone

Located in jungle ,of savage creatures

Her home is fragile, feeble and frail

Greener but tiny, mobile as a tail

A little butterfly is shaping as throne

Her quills are expanding, too wide , too upward

A mastery of Master , A dusk time, A dawn

As raining is stopped, A rainbow is born

A little butterfly was flying and flown

She's grown up , she's Held it

The firmness of climax, The tightness of wind

She's fluttering up high , She battled, she WON!

A little Butterfly All Grown Up Alone.



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