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A Letter to My Younger Self


Things I wish I knew before falling into temptation in my early 20’s

It’s literally not-YOU, it's THEM truthfully!!

We have to learn to LOVE Ourselves!

Before loving anyone else!!

NO ONE! Is perfect!

Trust me when I tell you they are NOT the one!

There is better out there!

Trust the process!!

Sex does not mean your in “love”

Love and sex are two different things!


They do have someone at home

DO NOT! I repeat

DO NOT! settle to be a side piece!

“Men” (Little boys) tend to play games

even at an older age

While using women for pleasure

Drugs are a NO NO!

Years later you will regret that!

Do NOT pick up the phone past 12!

It is just for sex! Not to “JUST TALK”

Be smart and if it’s easy going where

he wants you the first night walk away

Do not follow your friends!

Sometimes what they want is completely different

from what you really want in life!

Don’t follow the popular crowd

they are as lost as you are

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