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A hike in dreams


Writer, author, short story writer, poet, youtuber, blogger.



A hike in dreams,
in an arid desert
that leads to a sea in boiling
A sea of inopportune verses
shown in that picture,
to hanging on the wall of time.

A broken dream,
that yesterday I sewed with the thread of my free hours,
with the needle of words.
I also tasted a slice of nostalgia,
bathed of adolescence.
And I drank a glass of magic sighs,
with a rich cookie
impregnated with disco lights ...

I embraced with great vehemence several tardiness
that floated in the atmosphere of my free time ...
And I watched for brief seconds
to the extreme poverty of my fellow men.

Located by poetry intervals,
stop in my school yard,
I held a melody with my hands.
I squeezed so hard that I broke their essence.
A few tears of diamonds
and loose crystals, they rained from my look.

© 2018 Venus Mary

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