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A Gambler's Story

A Gamble’s Story

It started out an innocent game,

Betting on peanuts with an amount no one could complain.

A few wins here, a couple losses there.

Then a plan came up, one that tears,

Leaves a scar that could never clear,

Marks your body so you know that it’s there.

It's a graduation,

A sure step up from an inauguration.

Scratch-Offs no longer valid;

Lottery ticket can't kick the habit,

But the place itself, the casino’s buzz.

The smell of the table is a sick drug.

It lures you in;

It takes you by the hand,

Whispers in your ears,

Promises you words of sweet romance.

She's vicious in every way,

Clinging on to you,

Making sure you don't get away.

First, it's the win,

The thrill, the challenge.

Determination it brings.

Breaking even is the main reason.

Next is winning back pride that you lost in a bet.

Then you can't focus;

Your strategy and plans turns out to be Hocus-pocus.

You borrow handouts,

You take any bet,

Steal, rob; one win is all you need to switch this mess.

Just need the one win to prove you did it,

Drowning yourself in sorrows, betting it all today,

Not thinking about tomorrow.

But the cards;

She’s still there teasing, touching, tempting you to dare.

Then she leaves.

In your mind, you do anything

Just for her to notice you,

Just to be seen.

The feeling she gave you when you were winning.

Then it's no longer the win, just the near miss

That gets you so happy that she'll come back and greet you with a kiss.

Until you open your eyes, maybe then you'll see

That beautiful lady is just imaginary.

An excuse you use to deal with the pain

That you turned your life into a gambling, a gambling game.

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