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A Dirty Face Woman and a Child

I am a writer and researcher of life. I write about the thing that gives benefit to the reader.

I came across a dirty face woman -

Wore torn clothes,

and was walking with bare feet on a hot day of summer.

She dwelled here and there in the streets without knowing the destination.

Finally sat under a bush to have a peaceful moment,

But she failed to close up her eyes.

Her eyes start looking at every passer.

I do not know what was in her mind,

but the grimy eyes were reflecting a heart-wrenching story

She did not utter any word,

but the dry lips were speaking her long fasts

A man passed beside her -

She requested to have something to eat and drink.

The man did not bother to her request and went without any glance.

A layer of depression touched her face that added the redness in her eyes,

but she did not lose herself

A light of hope was burning inside that is giving her power to stand,

The ignorance, rejection, and poor condition scratched her heart,

made her body looks like a Skelton.

After a while, a good-looking child passed.

He stood in front of the woman and did not speak any word.

He unzipped the bag and gave the woman his lunchbox.

That moment is still imprinting like a DSLR picture.

I get so touched while looking at the children's reactions.

His kindness opened my eyes.

The child touched the supremacy of humanity with his action.

He was not less than an angle.

He helped a woman survive.

He has proved his innocent soul.

As humans grow older, he forgets about humanity,

Start gathering materialistic things,

Ignores the surrounding

Detaches the self from the values of humanity

Resulting in the production of a materialistic society

I wish humans could hold the ties of humanity for the longer term,

and make this world like heaven above.


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