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A Day Filled With Incredible Joy

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At Home And Busy

Just my wife and I

In any given week we can get real busy

So on our days off we want to either do one or two things

Kick back and relax

A nice break from the daily grind

Sometimes we have a list of things to do

That we couldn't get done on the days we work

So we go nonstop all day until we burn out

Then we are happy we did what we could

Because back to work tomorrow

Here we go again

Today we tackled the living room

There are many things we started and stopped

Some gifts we bought we just never got around to giving

I have a few books that I am interested in

That had to be boxed up

We moved things around mostly

I love what we have

Sometimes we just don't have the room

We have different board games that we put in one corner

It brings back memories when we were younger

Back then we had more free time

Now busy with other things

We play a little less often

The fun still comes back

We have to make choices

I love to write

I love to read

There are so many hours in a day

Something has to give

Whatever you decide to do

Have fun and enjoy

It will give you more happiness for other things

That you decide next time to do