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A Conversation Story

Ahsan is a writer, he writes everything about life, love and hope. He is a poet also,he writes about whole of life and world.


The seeing eye,

today forgot to see.

The perimeter of the line of sight,

is gradually becoming narrower.

My hope is destroying,

in thinking day by day .

The weeping eye,

has become a silent stone today.

The fighting voice,the sentence,the language,

today has become empty.

The leg that could walk,

today suddenly stopped without a signal.

The heart that was hurting,

today is completely broken.

The power of the optimistic soul,

is getting fullness in tears.

It was better to live with light,

it has been erased without hesitation.

The oven to say goodbye to darkness,

is slowly running out.

The dust of the streets,spreads all over the body,

increasing the spread of the lineage.

The crimson sun,

is suddenly covered with clouds.

The heart that was hurting,

today is completely broken.

Survival oxygen is depleted,

gradually running out.

The messenger of the unseen,

is constantly going hand in hand.

The emptiness of the words in the book,

is bothering me a lot.

The clock in life time,

is suddenly increasing the oscillation time.

The insanity of travel,

is swallowed up, it is intensifying.

And the limit of myself,

is getting weaker.

A huge one in the range of friends,

seeing change.

The abundance of good-looking objects,

is rapidly declining.

Everywhere i am looking today,

the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

The place of the colorful moment,

the void is worn out.

Hope is breaking me,

smashing me.

Lover's utterance decreases energy,

increasing the walls of distance.

And soon my last,

time is approaching.

My life is going wrong,

With world's wrong.

Everything in this kind world,

is actually going away.

I want to survive,

With my hope and hope.

© 2020 Ahsanul Haque Rifat

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