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A Common Man’s Journey of Life

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


The search for the mystery of life deepens more and more with time as there are no easy solutions and explanations as to what is the purpose of life and who have made this universe if it did not evolve by itself. Many scholars have tried to explain it in their own ways but the riddle of life and its purpose is yet to be unearthed by the generations to come. There is no difference practically between the birth of an animal or that of a human being as the life cycle is same except a little bit of consciousness level that had differentiated the human beings from their animal counterparts. The life of a common person is the same and almost similar as of others from birth to death and encompasses some fixed activities which are automatically generated at the exact time of their need or necessities of human lives. This poem is a depiction of the events in the life of a man and how he sees all these things happening to him in a straight and predesigned manner that many of us consider as the fate or destiny and we have little control on that except a few alterations here and there which miserably fail in bringing any major change to the course of life. Let us go through this poem and have a look upon the journey of a common man’s life.

A common man’s journey of life

How is it distinct from animals,

If everything else is same.

There is striking similarity,

Though human is my name.

We were destined to take birth,

In a place of no one’s choice.

We were thrown in the world,

Just like a subtle noise.

Crawling for so many months,

Finally we stand erect.

By our sheer birth itself,

We were christened in a sect.

The brain starts developing,

Understanding the alphabets.

Slowly we learn things,

In our paternal hamlets.

Tender age sets in,

We are sent to school.

That is entirely a new life,

So thrilling and so cool.

Asked to read so many things,

From a variety of books.

Then they will take a test,

Just to find who is the best.

At the end of every year,

There was a deluge of questions.

Whether we remember or not,

We were supposed to answer them.

But it was a divine time,

Flew in the company of friends.

Everything was so exciting,

When we were shaking hands.

Childhood years passed like hours,

We entered the young age.

Things started to change,

As we learned the gender maze.

Attraction towards opposite sex,

What was that blind force.

We did what we wanted,

There was no remorse.

The first tinge of sorrows,

Then entered in our lives.

Human relationship was,

Like the double-edged knives.

Shifting from one to another,

The selfish and cheap loyalties.

Nothing to achieve, only lose,

Young people’s modalities.

Question of career came,

Like a bolt from the skies.

What we thought it should be,

Was no truth but pure lies.

Pulling the cart of life,

In a monotonous way.

We continued for long,

‘Keep on’ as they say.

Wife, children, and pets,

Entangled in that frame.

When we reached old age,

It was not all the same.

Reaching at the old age,

Restrictions of all sorts.

Waiting for death to come,

To embrace us in its folds.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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