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A Yearning For Happiness


A Yearning For Happiness

Call it elated Call it euphoric Happiness is the goal And, I'm all for it Everyone wants to be happy Everyone wants a good life To achieve their dreams And, ultimately thrive

It's good when people are happy Always with a smile Laughing constantly And, positivity for miles Wouldn't it be cool If that was you? You wish that it was Though, you know it's not true

Maybe deep down Happy is who you are As it stands now That person seems quite far You want to be that person You want to feel that way Just like when you were young Content and care free

Happiness seems easily obtain To those without A chemically imbalanced brain For us, it's an obstacle that stands in the way You wish you could go back To who you use to be To reattain the Joyful feeling you felt everyday We're not incapable of being happy I know, I certainly laugh & smile Happiness is just natural for some Others, it takes awhile

Happiness is a journey Not a destination It's a goal for everyone That we all hope to bring to fruitation

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