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A Year Later and I Still Miss You


It feels like yesterday we were discussing our future plans

Two young, ambitious teenagers with the world in our hands

Your dreams of starting a family with the one you loved most

Traveling together up and down the coast

Your dreams of lying on the beach as the waves tickled the warm sand

Having a son and watching him grow into a man

From afar, everything seemed to be smooth sailing

Not once did I suspect your wings were failing

Photos of your smiling face, always on display

Hand-in-hand on the beach with your fiancée

Walking into your room for the first time in years

Pain brought by memories that once brought cheer

In the dusty basement making silly rap songs

Laughing and dancing all night long

Pressing down the ink with all of our might

Again and again, until the t-shirt was just right

Watching the Champion’s League final on the big screen

With chicken wings, pizza, and lots of screams

Meeting your lovely Italian family

Bocci ball, pasta, and, my favorite, cannolis

As children, building elephants out of clay

Before running to the football fields later that day

As teenagers, studying until our brains were in shambles

Memorizing everything from the periodic table to the preamble

As adults, memories play on repeat

Leaving a taste so bittersweet

The mirror on your dresser holds a picture of us two

A reunion, long overdue

© 2022 Wolfe Rygaard

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