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A Writers Get Away

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I Found Just The Place

Starting with a dream

Tucked behind some large green shrubs

In need of tender loving care

There is so much potential

Many rooms to drift away

A view to enjoy and sit outside and relax

With so many places to visit

Easy parking

This could be a unique journey

With everyones help

A garden area with tools to dig

You can sit outside or inside and enjoy the beauty

A yard to play in

Not perfect but unique in so many ways

A home not just a house

Multiple bedrooms and large dining room

Some renovations have been done

A seperate apartment available to rent

A beautiful view and place to unwind

Stop in and take a peek

Available for the day or up to a week

Looking for writers

To join in a business venture

With a long way to go

We are slowly creating

A place away from the highway

Not far from the bus route

Easy access to down town

With some creativity and imagination

We can all experience

A modern day adventure

Where everyone can take part

Here are some pictures to explore

Give me your opinion and ideas

I will be the first to pick up the lawn mower and cut

Pull out some unwanted weeds

Spruce it up

I know this home well

I live next door

I know the family who use to live here

Unfortunately things didn't work out

They had no choice

They left and now it lies empty

Many people have checked the house out

Unable to get financing or don't want to fixer up

It jumps out at me

I see the sun set on her

The rose bushes squished in the back

The inground pool lies empty with a ripped lining

The two back porches extending out

Bare and weatherbeaten

I see so much going on

It could be a lovely,writers santuary

Where we could all participate in the solution

We could make it work

Watching it slowly take shape

I am willing to furnish every room

I have over ten thousand books that need a home

They are autobiographies, biographies and all about beautiful people in the world

They are tired of being in boxes and piled high

I once had a dream to build my own library

It never took flight

My original plan folded

Now I am creating once again

Beyond what I thought of before

There is so much potential

Little by little things could get done

I picture writers works on every wall

A living,active musuem

This home can look amazing

I am so excited

I can see kites in the yard flying high

Instead of the tall weeds swaying in the wind

People cooking out and sharing stories over a campfire

This and so much more can be expected

It would be nice to turn dreaming into doing

All under one roof

Where writers can show actual proof

The pen is mightier than the sword