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A World Inside A World

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Where Nature Thrives

It is often forgotten about

Left to fend for itself

With no help from mankind

It still manages to survive

No one takes the blame for a broken limb

Even for a fallen tree

It is part of a cycle

Nobody complains when an acorn is half bitten and chewed by a hungry squirrel

If it is pushed under the leaves from a heavy rain

Left alone on the ground to rot and decay

The trees still standing continue to take carbon dioxide in the Spring and Summer

Turn it into clean air

They also prevent flooding and erosion

Taking in thousands of liters of storm water

They can live from one hundred years up to a thousand years

What do we owe this wonderful treasure ?

So look around you

Appreciate those tall trees that you see

They have been around before you were born

Will be around long after you are gone

Unless man interferes and cuts them down

At what price will we pay?

For we do more harm than good