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Being a content creator,it is honour to work on this huge plateform about any aspects.I hope;my articles woud give you something more.

I am In a dream,

Where everything seems;
I am In a dream,
where I have no bound.

I hear your voice quiver all around.
My heart , in frenzy, starts to pound.
The memories we made , start to recount
And their echos, begin to resound.

There fills my mind, a thought.
My eyes are going to see you, at last!
And my feet, they start to walk fast
It starts to circulate in me aghast!
The spell on me which you had cast.

I kept on walking,
The voice kept on knocking.
And then,
I saw you, long hair; all embellished in red.
Whatever will I have to do,even blood shed;
Never will I let you go,nerved through my head.

But the fact is , you are long gone
And it's the shadow of you,I've been shown
You fade away like sand,
Sifting through my hand,
And I just kept on wandering my gaze


Its no use to get in chase
When someone isn't your fate


© 2020 Osman Ghazi

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