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A World Diminished, A World Blind.


Shall this world be forever diminished,

To endure a lack lustre fate.

Where all accounts of history,

Finally meet their end.

Embedded atrocities, demonstrable acts humanities animosity.

Foster to there ultimate conclusion.

In this our present time.

In this our very hands.

Yet we continue to embrace life as it remains,

Failing to take an ultimate stand.

Mitigating we take the knee.

Rage the streets in feigned affiliation,

Proclaiming unity, benevolence and solace.

Yet each day reveals only a bleak reality.

Antiquated fear, incessant hate and attrition,

Severely exposing the bones of the human condition.

The aged lives we inflicted have enacted a heavy toll.

Felt heavy by the earth and all it’s nature.

Whilst words continue to incite a fulure of turbulent news and baseless media,

Lighting up an already corrosive atmosphere.

Respond as you will with relentless waves of enduring gestures,

Rely on the one hearted faith of mere man.

For ultimately as we live together you shall find,

That we are damned to a future of segregation, suffering and penitence.

A world encompassed in darkness at our own reckoning.

For its inhabitants forever walk blind.

© 2021 Alana Bembridge

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