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A Woman's Journey - Her Freedom to Love Calls Her Name

A happy, lively, cat loving, TBI survivor, Christian author & poet, let me paint you a picture — A picture with Words!

A Women's Journey

 A woman knows when it's time to move on...

A woman knows when it's time to move on...

A Woman's Journey - Her Freedom to Love Calls Her Name

The morning dew rose upon her face as she readied herself, that day
She hoped this day would be different in a miraculous sort of way…
Her journey waits for the simpleness of pain that never ceases to exist
His love never appears in the silence she hears without the longing kiss

The loneliness crept in trapping her in her heart
it was more than she could bear
She found herself walking in between the crossroads of love
with escalating thoughts of his heart beating her till dead

The sadness runs deep through her veins
She was afraid to make that first move
For she loved him more than anything yet,
He somehow remained the fool!

Emptiness replaced what once was her heart,
it haunts her to the very core
When did loving her become such a burden?
and treated like a mundane chore?

When she gave her love so freely,
yet he chiseled it down to the bone
Leaving her heart in a thousand pieces
Shrouded in grief and feeling all alone

The silence raged in her ears,
He wanted the goods but not at his cost
She was exhausted, tired, and angry
She knew it was finally time to move on

Her love for him was gravely ill with no solutions in sight
She knew what she had to do and all the reasons why
Fear stopped her in her tracks, just for a moment and then
She pondered all the scenarios in her mind as she started to walk again

Just like the mist eludes the trees on a warm summer’s evening rain,
The sparkle that once engulfed their love, she couldn’t see through the haze
How could their love quickly change from love to this tragedy?
The death of their love uniquely was over for everyone to see

Today’s the day for a new beginning, so she said a little prayer
All chances were given to him, but he didn’t seem to care
His promises remained unfulfilled, she ignored it from the start
She kept on trying, hoping, and dreaming trying to find his heart…

She packed her bags, called a cab with her ticket in her hand
So, she said goodbye, rolled with the tide, while never looking back
Finally, she’s happier now, dancing on clouds, with Jesus by her side
She said a prayer, no longer in despair, and no longer asking the reasons why…

From the Author

-About this Poem

This poem is about a woman’s journey coming back to herself in which she had lost through a dying love. It was a journey that she had to take to help her realize that before you know it, the years pass by before you realize the death of one’s heart, it will and does heal but what does it take to get to that place where you can love and trust again?

Time will only tell…

© 2022 Donna Rayne

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