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A Wish We All Have

Ogan is a freelance content writer, with a knack to emplore people's mind with his words.


As kids we all seem to be in a hurry to just grow up
At that time growing up to us means

We can get our favorite chocolates in bulk, can play video games as much as we want, and can go out to any place that has the most fun activities

But as we approach adulthood the harsh reality shows its face.
Adults aren't free to do anything they like

Infact they're the prisoners of reality. Things that were kept hidden to us as kids soon start to surface.

We begin to understand why our parents were worried sometimes, and sometimes really happy.

There's just so much we start to understand that i can't even put into words.
But the one thing we start to realize is that the hurry to grow up. Was one of our biggest mistake, and if theirs one thing that we wish for is to go back in time.

To become a kid again, and to just live life nonchalantly as it used to be.

© 2020 Ogan Spielberg

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