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A Wish For Fallen Soldiers

Poetry that comes from the writer's heart of things she has seen or come to know about, sharing what that heart has learned.


A Wish for Fallen Soldiers

So many visions I must still capture
A beautiful place I live, and love
Find beauty from grasses I walk on
To trees and flowers, and sky above

I have many to thank for this freedom
Yet not the powers that are over me
Their thoughts and actions not for the people
I once did believed that true, you see

But only these soldiers deserving honor
No they are not ones like you and me
Having courage beyond understanding
They risk their life for all to be free

Lovers bid adieu when it need not be
Kisses and tears run down our faces
Both fearing deep down, goodbye forever
As one goes far off to foreign places

Ah, the painful memories of long ago
When I too said my tearful goodbyes
My love sent so far away from me
To never forget the night long cries


Many uncaring, thought; so what
Seemed normal days; so who could guess
Hard bearing all the time apart
Thoughts of death made families a mess

School friends we had never came back
Facing truths that they never would
Dwelling on bad news we saw and felt
And of course any word was never good

War so needless, why do they have to go
Games being played we surely knew
Hearing how foolishly wars are fought
Number of dead just grew and grew

Many avoided it, any way they could
Wishing ones who died had too
Should've been at reunions today
Did what was call for them to do


Meeting my love the first time home
Seeing him stand waiting, from afar
Knees nearly buckle with weakness
Heart held tight with love for my star

Ones having gone through it know
First time back, understand well
Feelings deeper than love itself
Clinging hearts; a joining bell

Together after what seems forever
Molding this day as you kissed
Wishing bodies could become one
All the love that has been missed

Not to be shy this meeting in public
Of touch not to be put off this day
Let the whole world stare if it wants
My soldier so very long been away


This scene would never be changed
Always so thankful in his arms to be
Reminded still of those school friends

Never making it home to their family

These families went mad with grief
I wonder did they have a true love
to mourn and remember their touch
To speak to their spirit yet up above

Am I a fool to make this wish
Love important and wanting to know
While dying at least in their heart
remembering love as they had to go

Seems only right to this my heart
that they should feel love from afar
For so many do love them I know
all who fall are someone's star

© 2022 Jackie Lynnley

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