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Poem: A Wilted Leaf Has A Life Too


Why I wrote" A Wilted Leaf Has A Life Too"

I wrote the poem to make alive the soul of a wilted leaf.The soul of the wilted is awakened in the poem through its story telling to show how it feels about being a wilted leaf. We may take it for granted as it is just one of the leaves but a tree goes through the process of wilting just like us, humans, aging. The message I am trying to give is that we see things on the surface without knowing their own stories. Things can be inanimate objects like a pencil, name it.

A Wilted Leaf Has A Life Too

A wilted leaf that has just fallen from a tree,

Swims aimlessly back and forth,

You never know what message it has to give.

Sit and watch,

But if you ignore it,

The leaf will think,

I’m just a leaf in the pond,

With edges that are torn,

Nobody loves to see a brown leaf,

That used to be a freshman.

Listen to its stories when it rustles and ruffles,

It will tell you that it knows of people who have no sympathy,

On cut trees that were once family trees,

Then you will come to realize,

That a wilted leaf has feelings too.

Poem Meaning

A wilted leaf has fallen from a tree

So what? This is why the line is significant because the leaf is just one of the many leaves. We carry on with our lives and let nature do its own thing. It can be likened to a situation whereby strangers pass by us and we live in our own worlds.

Nobody loves to see a brown leaf

That used to be a freshman

These lines can be compared to us, humans. As humans, we may simply generalise others as old or young. In fact, everyone goes through aging but we judge others by their appearance. We do not go deeper than that. What's their story? Nobody knows.

Listen to its stories when it rustles and ruffles

I intend on emphasising on the helplessness of a wilted leaf. It can't voice out its opinion. Some people have it harder than others. This is like a crying baby who only knows how to cry.

Poem Tone

The tone of the poem is soft and gentle, capturing how a falling wilted leaf goes unnoticed and its unheard story.



Put yourself in someone's shoes.


If you look closer, we are actually like the surrounding life around us. The trees. The animals. We are similar. Even when we are older, there will always be a part of us that is still young. The same can be applied to the young. Some young people have old souls.

© 2018 Li-Jen Hew

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