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A Weird Zoo- a Kids Poem

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One bright sunny day

I had been to the zoo

I tell you, it was weird

‘Cause it was named 'moo'

The gorillas came running

And said, 'oh please come in'

The tigers playing catch

Asked, 'how are you doing?'

The cheetah pulled his whisker

To make a fishing net;

The snakes were all worried

How they'd win the bet!

Foxes and wolves wore shoes

Red, yellow and blue;

Giraffes ate bread

Made from white glue!

Peacocks had a room

And they would use a broom

Crocodiles gathered in the pond

To rehearse a playful tune!

The bears found a lost chicken

In the big red map;

The camels filled their humps

With water from the taps!

The Elephants all met

To write a song or two

The birds gathered to see

Which among them was blue?

The rhinos set asail

In their very own boats;

The Hippos gathered silk

To make lovely white coats!

Tortoises polished their shells

And used them for mirrors

Wild frogs jumped along

And said, "Oh! Do not fear us!"

The lion came roaring in

And said, 'aren’t you coming?

Next week same time, same day

To see us all swimming!'

And just as I was leaving the zoo

The monkeys came marching by;

"You must come and dine with us

The next time you stop by!"

……………………. To be continued…………………………

© 2019 Neela S

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