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A Widow's Dreams

How far back into my mind can my eyes really go
One thing that's not changed is I can still see you
We'll spend the night together as long as I can dream
Nothing can take away feelings when they are true

I will think of you when I'm happy and when I'm sad
I know how it would be if you were still here with me
It's not the same because my tears are not the ocean
Rivers of discontent separate then meet by the sea

So you had to go
Everyone is sad for me
I don't want them to feel sorry
Whispering behind my back

Was it so much to ask to have more time with you
Have we reached the limit that God's blessings would allow
Maybe it's selfish of me to want all that others dream
When I was able to live it while they pray for tomorrow

I'm not so fragile
I remember what we had
But I will live on my love
I know my angel has my back

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