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A Whole Without A Goal

A Whole Without A Goal

If I am satisfied, what would keep me alive?

I would forever freeze and would cease to thrive.

There would be no greed.

There would be no desire or need.

For nothing my heart would beat.

I would feel complete yet incomplete.

Nothing to me would be of value.

I wouldn't welcome anything new.

Thus there would be no excite,

I would not be motivated to move forward and reach heights.

Soon satisfaction would turn into boredom and dreary.

Enthusiasm and positivity would be replaced by weary.

When I feel I am well aware and apprised,

I would be satisfied and not grow and rise.

There would be lack of novelty and thus everything would appear mundane.

Without desire and want,

I would feel discouraged and daunted.

There would be no thirst,

So for me there would be nothing that I need or is a must.

For me, a value nothing would hold.

To everything I would be cold.

Nothing would make me feel motivated,

I would no longer feel elated.

I would feel negative,tired and and no longer gallant.

Satisfaction would turn into boredom and also make my growth stagnant.



When your throat is dry and you perspire,

For water,there rises a need and desire.

You put your shoulders on the wheel,

To quench the thirst there is motivation and zeal.

New ideas take birth,

When there's a need and when you realise a thing's worth.

There is invention and growth,

You find ways to get away with your dry throat.

To fulfil your need,there is motivation and zest.

All this wouldn't have been there,if you would be satisfied and at rest.

Only when there was a need and you were not satisfied,

To fulfil the need you tried.

To fulfil the need there was motivation and fervour,

And in the process of achieving the fulfilment, new things you discovered.

This made you climb the stairs,

And did not let you live a life of an impaired.

So satisfaction would make us feel whole,

Yet we would be deprived of a goal.

We would be discouraged and listless,

And would not thrive and progress.

So is being complacent,

Always pleasant?

When there is satisfaction,

Isn't there a lack of enthusiasm and passion?

Doesn't our passion cease?

Doesn't our growth freeze?

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