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A Weekend Off

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What Most People Enjoy

I have never had unless on vacation

I work like so many other people

In a restuarant where working weekends are a must

So are most holidays and sick days are on our wish list

There are other professions that work weekends too

It might be the whole food service business

Waiters, waitresses and hostesses

In the medical field and supermarkets they have it rough also

When people are enjoying themselves we work the hardest

When holidays roll around

Just another day to make money

We miss out in the social aspect of life

Don't get me wrong

We still have two days off

Maybe a Tuesday and Thursday

I am lucky to have a Wednesday and Thursday

Two days together

To relax and enjoy

I had my days split up for years

The week seemed to go by to quick

Not enough time to get things done

I got to sleep late

To actually 12:30

I am eating breakfast and dreaming about my day

The weather is cold outside

It went from 18 degrees earlier to 30 degrees

I think I am going to stay in my pajamas all day

If I do that I will get nothing done

Off to get dressed and I will accomplish something

I got a little extra sleep

Almost seven hours

I feel refreshed and ready to go

If you get a chance tell me about your day?

I would love to hear what makes your Saturday special?

For me it is a real treat

Like a cat who has been given catnip or a dog when you throw him a bone