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A Weary World Of Trembling Turmoil

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Fantasy Clock Statue

Fantasy Clock Statue

Where do we seek true solace?
With the angels on long winter nights?
Why are the nights so cold?
Were these the dark nights so long ago foretold?

Do you know the angels know our sorrows and hold us dear?
They’re always with us, they’re always near.
They soon find me as I lay me down to rest my weary head.
They know where I’ve been, they know where I’ve tread.

As as my mind slumbers I sense their stirring.
I know they’re there ‘cause I hear them rustling their wings.
They fear not and they steer clear of where evil dwells.
And though we lay long in a weary world of trembling turmoil they comfort the sorrows of our darkest hours.

They envelope us tenderly to reassuringly plant a heart song upon our mind.
We find strength in their living, breathing whispers of solace.
We rest peacefully with a cradle song in our heart.
We dream dreams and look to heaven for strength.

The stars shine like snowflakes lightly all around.
They sparkle bright like little dust diamonds in winter’s twilight.
Acceptance lives inside the winter’s twilight fairyland
You have angels living in your winter fairyland.
They accept you, do you accept them?

You’ve traveled far and wide in your dreams.
You have been followed and guided in your sleepy dreams.
You’ve learned well.

Sleep soundly on this winter night and know now that you are healed from your sorrows. You leave them behind on the other side of time in the midnight of ancient mirages.


© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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