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A Way We Haven't Seen The World Before

Through Optimism And Positivity

It's been so long

I don't remember the last time I heard only good

Growing up I was taught

If you having nothing good to say

Don't say anything at all

Somehow we are not taught that anymore

I have a tough time changing

Matter of fact

I don't want to change

I want to stick to my guns

Clearly I am outnumbered

Then pressured to think like everyone else

People like to cause controversy and friction

My wife and I agree on many things

This is one point that makes our marriage strong

We agree to disagree

Each day I hear so many people speak with forked tongue

I just listen

I don't always have to voice my opinion

I try to digest and process their views

Even if they don't see it my way

I try to make them explain

They don't have a reason

That scares me

They claim I just don't get it

I can't possibly understand

I say to prove your point

Give me details

To support your position

They fall short

They don't want to take the time

This is concerning to me

Another thought that I was taught

Anything worth doing

Is worth doing well

As we part ways

I shake my head and wonder

What is this world coming too

Then I have to laugh

My father used to do the same thing