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A Way We Haven't Seen The World Before


Through Optimism And Positivity

It's been so long

I don't remember the last time I heard only good

Growing up I was taught

If you having nothing good to say

Don't say anything at all

Somehow we are not taught that anymore

I have a tough time changing

Matter of fact

I don't want to change

I want to stick to my guns

Clearly I am outnumbered

Then pressured to think like everyone else

People like to cause controversy and friction

My wife and I agree on many things

This is one point that makes our marriage strong

We agree to disagree

Each day I hear so many people speak with forked tongue

I just listen

I don't always have to voice my opinion

I try to digest and process their views

Even if they don't see it my way

I try to make them explain

They don't have a reason

That scares me

They claim I just don't get it

I can't possibly understand

I say to prove your point

Give me details

To support your position

They fall short

They don't want to take the time

This is concerning to me

Another thought that I was taught

Anything worth doing

Is worth doing well

As we part ways

I shake my head and wonder

What is this world coming too

Then I have to laugh

My father used to do the same thing


DREAM ON (author) on September 06, 2020:

Gypsy Rose Lee It is hard to picture not having our parents around. I think they tried the best they could with the time they had. So I try to take anything I do and make it fun and special. Even the toughest days have a silver lining. I just don't see it because there is a cloud in the way. We can always try to set a good example to make our parents proud. Thank you so much for taking the time and reading my poems. May the unexpected make your day brighter than before. Have a nice night.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on September 04, 2020:

I learned many valuable things from my parents. Unfortunately, my dad could just mold the little girl because he died when I was only ten but mom was a great help who unfortunately had to take the wild ride with me in my teens all alone but she managed to survive. I miss them both so very much and I always think how great it would be not to have to make decisions myself all the time but have mom or dad or both around to suggest and to give advice.

DREAM ON (author) on September 04, 2020:

John Hansen They said the same line I just forgot how it went. I think age plays a part in my old memories and how I still remember the meaning but not the exact words. Thank you for reading and sharing so many thoughts and beliefs. My father also use to say it never hurt anyone to give a helping hand. Now with Coronavirus people are even afraid to do that. A different world and people do change. Some changes I will never be happy with. I believe I should still offer help just make sure we both sanitize after. If that is what we have to do. I think the good should shine through. Not turn the other cheek and act like they don't need help. The biggest thing I learned over the years is you can always learn something from someone. You have to listen and not shoot your mouth off and be a know it all. It seems like so many young adults act as if they know everything and won't stop to listen. I applaud their confidence but I think they are way too cocky. Thank you so much for sharing all the beauty and finding more that I missed. Have a great day.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 01, 2020:

Dream On, I applaud your parents for teaching you true values. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all," was often heard in my household. I have to agree with your sentiments here and sometimes just sit and shake my head at what is happening in the world at the moment.

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