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A War A Garden

Her face is a garden
So many years misspent
She thought she found love
But he wasn’t what she believed
It wasn’t her that he thought of

His body is a war
He doesn’t try to cover it up
There is no need for ink
His scars speak their mind
He knows how they think

Her face is a garden
A weeping willow
A chandelier of memory
She hangs up her past
Her sadness is her beauty

His body is a war
He really doesn’t want to say
The reason his body is so strong
What has been said and done
Is the story no matter how wrong

Her face is a garden
Even if the sun shines for her
It only shows her age inside
She has to live with the flowers
That maybe she'd rather hide

His body is a war
He wonders if he scared her
He saw things he couldn’t reveal
She wanted to know everything
But flesh was all he could feel

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