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A Wandering Mind

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.


This poem is a product of my early morning environment: cup of coffee at hand, TV playing the Olympics opening ceremony, dog asking for my participation in her morning routine, cat entering and exiting my lap, a lifetime of experiences to draw from, ponder, put to paper. It's about everything and it's about nothing at all.

Or is it?

A Wandering Mind


Please enter

Come look around

As looking is about all there is

There’s no accompanying sound

For you to hear

Other than the tinnitus

Which I’ve said

Is a low thrum in my head

A high pitch that’s true

But you get used to it

It’s what you do

It’s what I do

It’s been there so long

I don’t remember when it started

And in any case

I don’t hear it everyday

Unless I think about it

And perhaps like you

I invent my own playlist

And it features:

The Beatles

And Boston

Fleetwood Mac

While you see a chance for road trips

Let’s dance for just one of Bowie’s

Don’t forget his Oddity

Because for me

It has to be

On the list

As does space

And getting lost in it


Will Robinson

But look over there

There’s a lady

She looks like a lady, anyway

Could be a dude

As Aerosmith said

But either way

She, or someone

Who looks just like him

They, as they say

Bit me hard

This summer

On the arm

Near my ulna

Where the ogre landed

Last summer

Try to keep it straight

The way Vonnegut

Would actuate

The imagination

What went on

Who went there

What they saw

What they did

Who was around

And so much more

On Tralfamadore

That planet

Or Titan, that moon

Where upon

Some things kind of wicked

But mostly bizarre

There are

Larger plots

Bigger than all of us

Parts smaller than any of us

Rumfoord and Kazak

And Salo

Must go

Across the universe

Where words

Come flowing out

Like endless rain

Into a Red Solo cup

I fill you up

It fills me up

I proceed

To turn to you

And say,


If “Imagine”

Came on right now

As you sit on the couch

Watching live in Tokyo

You know

And seeing people from all over the world

Countries big and small

Singing that song

Singing along

Or mouthing the words

Knowing the words

That we’ve all heard:

Imagine - Tokyo Olympics, 2021

No religion, too

And those little feel guys

Run up and down your spine

Like they’re running on mine

I’m a dreamer

You can say it

But also remember

And also say

And make it be

I’m not the only one

Join us

The world could be

As one

There’s John Legend

Who I always call John Lennon

And it makes my wife laugh

He’s dead, she said

Then gave me the business

But now he’s leading the hit parade

Of voices


Including Keith Urban’s

Asking folks to join us

To join them

And have the world

Live as one

What a great song

Must sing along

With all the faces


From around the globe

Trotted to Japan

The land

Of the Rising Sun

To be as one

Even with covered nare

And mandible

Smiles can be seen

Or sensed

As exchanged between




Hope resurrected

For a day

As blue

And yellow

And black

And green

And red

Circles interlock


Come together

Right now

Oh wow

There’s John Lennon again

And Paul

‘Cause after all

They’re on the list

In case you missed


As part of the soundtrack

Of my mind

That wanders

Here and fro

And yonder

From the US and Canada

To the land down under

To the Urals

To the Cape of Good Hope

Over to Tonga

That guy looks stronga

Shiny six pack

And bands on his biceps

To the poles

Up north

Down south

Part of the gumbo

The goulash

The fried rice mixture


A life

And how it might look

To a visitor

Who’s invited to enter

Come look around

See what’s on offer

Lurking there

Haunting there

Celebrating there

Residing there

How it variegates

Is variegated

Across a broad spectrum

Of sight and color

Sorry about the sound

You’ll have to bring your own

And don’t worry about the path

The one you’re on

Is here but will be gone

Once you pass

New thoughts will amass

And the road will turn

And wend

And wind



Straighten out again

Until a sign on the byway

Says, “Going my way?”

And you might

But then you might not

Where you finish

Depends a lot

On where you start

And when

So how about now?

I love it

When we’re cruising together

And slowly ascending the steps

With a torch in our hand

Let’s hold it together

As we’re journeying

As we’re walking

One step

At a time

The little feel guys


Once again

Invading as we bow

Put forth the torch

Light the lamp

And the flame shoots high

Into the sky

With a crescendo

And a song we don’t know

Can’t hear

Inside this place

But in our ear

Over the ringing

The fireworks are singing

Music for our souls

For all the seven billion souls

On board

The mother ship Earth


The one

We could live as

If ambition

And greed

Could take a back seat

And allow


To drive

Come Together

© 2021 greg cain