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A Wall of White

A Moment Of Happiness Or Sudden Disappointment

The weather in New England is always changing

This is especially true in the winter months

One day can be in the 27 degrees

Yesterday -2 and dropping

A nice day

The next day bitter cold

A little light snow or a blizzard

Some people do a count down in their head

Only seventy four days till Spring

Living one day at a time

Watching the news

Supermarkets busy

Long lines filled with people stocking up on food

The shelves almost empty

Years ago it made since

This day and age

I don't think it is necessary

Watching the snow rise higher and higher

The high winds

White out conditions

Lots of shoveling and snow blowers working non stop

The snow turning wet and heavy

Power outages happen

Hoping for the best

In a few days the storm will be over

The plows will clear the roads

Soon life will get back to normal

Then I will give you an update

Of my little snow adventure

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