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A Voter’s Appeal on the Philippine Barangay and SK Elections 2018

Louwelyn studied at University of Batangas where she took up Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She graduated in 2008.


Placards, posters, and ads are on the walls.

Jingles, carols, and songs are playing all along.

Faces and platforms are all that can be seen.

Election is near, election is approaching.

Political aspirants have different goals.

Some wants fame but some wants control.

Some wants prestige yet some wants favour.

I hope that they consider being the country’s honour.

While some has pure intentions, others may have none.

I just hope that those elected will be the former one.

If the latter got the seats, what chaos it will be?

They won’t serve the public in clear reality.

Don’t mock me if I talk much making such appeals.

I only got one vote so I want to make a deal.

If I voted for you, would you be true to your words?

After all I can do nothing if you try to abscond.

Voters, you and me, we have the great power.

With the ink of our pen, change can be better.

Can’t you see how mighty the power in our hand.

Use it wisely to bring the bright future of our motherland.

To all the people who will vote, take your time to think.

No matter how short the term, you should know when to speak.

It is through the election, where we set our future.

So be wise and be wary, we should vote with great valor.

To those who were elected I have but one appeal.

I hope that you remember the promise that you seal.

To rule for all the good but not for your own gain.

To be the leader you promised us during the campaign.

© 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal

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