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A View From the Field

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


The land became battlefields

two parties one killing the other

both fighting for ownership

of land.

On both sides an Army

with soldiers in line for battle.

On both sides Generals, NCO,

and enlisted march toward

the front lines.

In this world of "fronts"

a Jeep slowly navigates

large rocks on makeshift

road towards the fight.

Sargent Alred, a sniper

whose sharp shooting

ability made him a feared

topic of sniper stories.

A warrior from birth

a fighter who decided battles,

a skilled craftsman of death.

He was known for hitting

the eye of a fly at 300 meters.

Sargent Alred is driving

General Darning

who is tasked with

placing the Sargent

in his location

above heated battle below.

The General is aware

that bodies

decompose on both

sides of the battlefield,

a decisive victory must occur.

The road turns to mud

Sargent Alred struggles

to advance the Jeep.

"General, freedom to speak freely, sir."

"Yes Sargent, how may I help you?"

"Well General my question is: I do not understand how killing my brother does not kill my soul or my ability to find peace in life. As I grow older I find myself leaning towards a more spiritual life. I am the most dangerous sniper on both sides of this battle and I honed skills of death seen by no man. I may not be able to fire a shot today."

The General is silent for a moment

as the Jeep is tossed in from one

side of the road to the next.

Sargent Alred, not expecting response,

struggled with steering

pushed his way forward.

"Well Sargent, you are here

because you are the best marksman

this war has to offer and luck

put you in my Army. Dedicating

yourself to your strengths

and perfecting gifts

each man holds

until their time on Earth

is done is the purest

spiritual practice

offered here upon our soil.

This war is now and horrible

yet you are in your place,

like everyone, knowing

the patience to stay

the course is true discipline.

Today we will drive out

onto the front line of battle

you will position yourself

at a distance and you will

give my soldiers an advantage

to live and fight again

until this war is over.

You played

your part to perfection

taking you one step

closer to a better


of your place

in this universe.

Trust me

I know.

I have




The General grew silent as the Jeep drove upon a ridge and stopped where they could view the field. The General moved the Sargent with hand signals to a position of height where he could see the enemy through his sights. He then backed away and headed back to the Jeep to radio his peers.

The Sargent calmly looked towards the field drew in his breath and fired with each exhale.

© 2019 Jamie Lee Hamann

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