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A Modern Day Victorian Tale; (Poem)

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I want to watch the movie, “Far from the Madding Crowd.” I haven’t had the time yet, but I do love an epic Victorian romance, or I should say love triangle, I think that is what the movie is about; a woman having to choose between three very different types of men.

Anyway, drama is my favorite genre, and the Victorian era is the most intriguing era to me perhaps. I like to imagine myself living back at that time. I wonder how it would’ve been for me. Would I have been a peasant girl, a servant to the rich? Maybe I would have married into royalty. However, if back then, I were anything as I am now, I surely would have been a lady of the night; a Moulin Rouge sort of girl. Yes, I think that would fit me well.

After my last poem, I got a little stuck in what I should write next, and then seeing the movie trailer for,"Far from the Madding Crowd,” and also, knowing I loved other tales such as “Jane Eyre,” and “Pride and Prejudice,” I decided to make my own little Victorian tale in the way of a poem.

I will admit; my Victorian grammar is not precise in my poem. They had a certain way of calculating their words, but I hope I have given it a feel of the era. I hope you like it!


A Life Lived

I’ve lived a life.

I had a life, and

at this very point

in my life, I boast

of wisdom it does

seem, and I’m always

finding it continues


Like an endless flow

of running water,

there is no end to this

great sagacity honor.

I’ve learned, finally,

to appreciate what

I have; my uniqueness

of self, and my blithe

journey through



Not For Me

Though, I often found

it hard to walk upright

through these years of

difficult strife.

I, furthermore,

presumed to know

the truth, that

a marriage I would

never feel a part of

my path; I just could

not picture myself

as that.

A lady tied down

to a kitchen sink, a

mop with a bucket,

a dusty broom sweep.

It truly made my

blood run cold to

think that I was

placed with such

squalor to uphold.

It’s not the tedious

chores I would dread,

but the dreadful boss

of a husband instead.

My Blessing

I don’t mean to be

so judgmental.

However, I have felt

that confinement

before, for me, it was

a life of lost joy.

Thus, the man up

above knew my

heart, and knew

I would never feel

I could quit my part.

So, he instilled

cheaters to stray

from me and gave

me the way to be

set free.

Learning later what

blessing he bestowed,

my broken heart would

mend, and strength

I now show.


A Love Unique

I have since found

the perfect one for

me. He’s young, bold,

and quite charming.

He impresses me with

his stance as a man, he

woos my senses and

stirs my desires. He

truly sets my soul to


I have fallen deep

In love, but this love

is different. It’s the

truest love I have

ever experienced.

Obstacles are obvious

If you look at the age

gap, but it’s perfect

and full of unconditional

no doubts.

He’s so courteous in

wanting to please; he

does this with a young

Manly tease.

I do know one day he

will stray, but by then

I shall will him to

go away.

It’s not as cynical as

It sounds, we will

both part knowing

It’s time to let go,

and always keep each

other in our heart and


Memories are Forever!


Tell me...

Far From the Madding Crowd; My Review

I have since watched this movie, and I thought I would return to this hub for my personal review.

Far From the Madding Crowd was interesting. However, it didn't stir my emotions as a lot of stories and movies back in this decade has.

This tale about a woman who inherits her uncle's estate and then tries to maintain it with the help of a dashing single man. Picky as she is, this man she could not commit to at first, she ventured to seek more excitement, and in turn, found the wrong man to please, along the way striking an interest to another bachelor whom she, out of childish angst, sent a loving valentine to.

This is a love triangle of sorts, but the whole way through the movie, there was always a knowing which would win her heart at the end. It almost made me feel bored, just because of the evident. I'm not one that cares for the obvious. I like a mystery in everything I watch usually.

In saying that, I did think it, nevertheless, was a decent story of the era. I would probably give it a rating of three stars.

© 2015 Missy Smith

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