A Very Special Day For You

Updated on June 15, 2018

Happy Birthday Dad

You would of turned 93

You left us at age 66

That was 27 years ago

A lot has happened in that time

So many events in our family

I know you would of been so proud

Then again things in the world could get you easily disgusted

We could go through all the changes in our family

Then talk all about the world events

That could be fun

You would probably say something like

Don't you have some where to be

Maybe another time

Lets take a new approach

How am I different than so many years ago

You taught me lessons

Some hard to explain without making you look like the bad guy

Then again other times I could look like the selfish child

Either way is not the entire truth

We both were trying to feel our way through each experience

Living is how we do that

The outcome can be very beneficial to the both of us

So lets point out some of the benefits

I was a dreamer and still am

You were more practical and more of a realist

I looked forward to the next best and greatest things

You found fault in people who would do stupid things to mess up their lives

You pointed out the faults in the world

For certain there is one big crack down the middle

That can't be fixed

I looked at it differently

Because of the crack in the world

We have to pull together and work harder to fix it

We know we can't do it alone

So really we have two worlds better than one

That make up a new third world

All people all the time

From all over

Different nationalities and cultures

The bottom line is we are all people

We all have one thing in common

We have one great ability above everything else

We learned to adapt

To change with the times

If not we would have survived

We would be extinct like the dinosaur

So as I thought about it for a second

So proud of what I had said

The you looked me straight in the eyes

Like you always did

Do you remember what I told you ?

Change is always constant

People can change if they want to

You do the right thing and don't worry about the other guy

If you can look yourself in the mirror every day

Then you can go to sleep every night

I am a lover not a fighter

There is nothing free in the world

You have to earn it

Birthdays are just another day

To me they were the day we were born

We would go back and forth

Disagreeing many times

I heard you tell me often

You exasperate me

That never stopped me from talking to you

First you then me

It is what you do with your life that is more important

People waste so much time

It's my turn

I am young and can change the world

Then you

Many people have tried far more talented and skilled than you

Look where we are today ?

Is the world so different from many years ago ?

What has really changed ?

Back to me

I guess your right

My dad again

People will be people

Life will always be topsy- turvy

Well once again we don't meet eye to eye

My father would always end with

You have a lot to learn

Then I would say

So don't you

Then we both would go back doing what we were doing before we had this wonderful father and son chat

Maybe my dad never left my side after all these years

I just didn't understand

I knew no matter what our differences were

We treated each other with respect

That's what is lacking today


Good old fashioned respect

My father would probably say something like

Quit while your ahead or your a glutton for punishment

Some things my father said I will never know the meaning of

Other sayings will repeat over and over in my head

Until I finally learn them or till the day I die

Either way I got to tell you

I love you dad

I miss you so

You would probably end with

You can't miss something you never lost


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      2 years ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I am sorry to hear about your dad and we have to be thankful for all the time we did have. Wow does the time fly. You will be in sunny Florida before you know it. Enjoy every day in some little or big way. Thank you so much for reading and sharing.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      2 years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

      A really nice tribute to your dad. I miss mine still but since I lost him when I was 10 I have to be reminded about Father's Day. Sid and I fly out on June 29 to Amsterdam and from there to Orlando by Delta.


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