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A Vampire's Tale

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A Vampire's Tale

Tom was born as a Vampire

He was saved by an old couple in a fire

They raised him as a Son
He was smarter than everyone

Every competition he always won

He excelled in everything he did,

Yet still bored and frustrated

But One Day has come

He met a girl by the barn

It was the first time that he actually interacted with someone

He was curious about the pendant the girl wear
They smile, talk, and laugh
It was the first time that he actually care

They usually meet at the barn
After he helps his parents in the farm

But One Day has come
She did not show up in their meeting place

He was unease and in pace

He heard a chirping sound but it wasn't a bird

It was a Fire!

He rushed to his house,
And his heart was dropped as he saw it rustling into dust
He kneeled down to the embers as his tears where running down to his neck

To his frustrations and despair, he grabbed the ashes

And felt something hard

It was a pendant


© 2018 Mandirigma

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