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A Valley Is a Deep Blue Sea

Everywhere I’ve been seems like a valley
I can’t explain the feelings in this place
Will somebody new be the same memory
I don’t want it to be just some other night

I like how the wind makes a pond stir
It’s a strange feeling in front of still waters
Talk to me because I’m not just a dreamer
I don’t want to just sleep at night

It’s alright, I know I’m alright
I don’t walk slow if I have the blues
I move fast so I can leave them all behind
But I’ll slow down if you want me too

I don’t need a storm to make me see
I’ve seen enough blue skies change color
If it happens that you finally come to be
I’ll know why the moon comes out at night

It’s alright, I know I’m alright
I wonder if I need to bend some rules
Why am I so confused trying to find
The things my heart knows are true

Leaving the valley behind
Leaving the valley behind
Just a deep blue sea
It’s no longer for me

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