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A Valentine Made with Love

My Daddy Wash called it Puppy Love--I called it Young Love--First Love.

Young Love Blooms on Valentine's Day


Her little fingers shook as she cut the heart-shaped

Valentine out,

She worried he would not like something she made

---there was a doubt.

Her Valentine box was ready for each little Valentine

to pass through its slot--- in the top of her decorated

shoe box,

She printed with a green crayon---Will You Be Mine?

Circle Yes or No---that will be fine.

She made cards for all the other children in her First

Grade Class,

She placed a red ribbon on his Valentine Card, and

held it gently as if it were precious glass.

The next morning all the children were excited when

the School Bell rang,

Today was a special day and her heart sang.

This feeling was as special as Christmas in her heart,

The children all seated closely---but apart.

The teacher said to place the Valentine Boxes on the

long table,

Each child’s name inset on their box---with a golden


The girls gave out their Valentine first, through each

slot they flew,

With the giggle level rising because the boys were

looking they knew.

Then the boys turn came last---and the girls watched


He stopped at her box and kissed the card from him.

Then he looked at her and smiled as her face turned red,

Because she was now the girlfriend of a boy named Fred.

He gave her half of his Hershey candy,

They ate in silence, and he held her hand which felt dandy.

The teacher smiled as she watched young love bloom,

Happiness glowed in her First Grade Classroom.

She remembered her First Grade Love and his Valentine,

And, she still had it---she thought, and he is forever mine.

Young love can last until the end of time,

Sweet innocent love is sublime.

Valentine Ever After--Valentine's Day needed a Special Movie to Share

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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