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A Turn for the Worse

Topsy -Turvy

Just when all things started looking good

I thought I had finally caught a break

I have forgotten to take my vitamin and honey

I was craving a banana but they are not ripe

I even had an unexpected pimple on my face

Maybe I am going through puberty again

My wife caught a little bit of a cold

So she has been under the weather

Catching up on the high cost of heating bills

Then another delivery came

The deck on the house peeling

The recycle bin over flowing

Last nights dishes left untouched

Our kitchen plant half chewed by our cat charlotte

The book that I was reading in the same exact position where it was left two weeks ago

Outside a wintery mix of snow, sleet, now rain

It is going to continue raining for the next twenty four hours

With the ground all icy and slick

We both went to bed after three A.M. when we could of benefited from more sleep

My latest idea scrapped

After I lost the enthusiasm for the great plans I had

I tried to fix our toilet that would flush fine

After the water seemed to keep running

A friend told me it was easy

I fooled around in the tank

Thinking all it needed was an adjustment

Now the toilet flushes and fills half way up in the back

No matter what I touch

It doesn't seem to work

At least I stopped the water from always running

Our closet door came off its hinge

I have tried to fix it before but it didn't stay fixed for long

A local restaurant that we liked had closed its doors

I have two older brothers and I don't hear from either of them

Unless I call them

Wondering why it is just one way

We just finished two cards one of my wife's coworkers lost a parent

Another woman was in surgery for her hip

One person I go visiting in the nursing home

I couldn't see

They advised all visitors to come back at another time

They were having a flu epidemic

It is time to rework what I know

Into what I don't know

Life can be quite a challenge

When things get a little over whelming

Lets forget all that

It is time to use our flexibility

To make more things possible

I have to take worry and put it in a deep freeze

Run a different script

When I woke up I felt well rested

A good breakfast always makes me feel better

I take the not good and put it aside for the moment

As I squish the kitchen barrel filled with trash

Nothing I mentioned will last

I finish off the last of the prunes

What can I learn from that

Keep doing what works and in time

You will find

A way that will work

My wife just shut off the t.v. and she is down for a quick nap

I hear silence in the house

How beautiful it is

It looks like the sun is trying to bring some light

That's all I can think of for now

I am sure more will come later

I learned some stretching exercises and some cool deep breathing techniques

Singers use

It makes me feel good

Now that I am feeling more positive

I am ready to wash those dirty dishes and play with our cat

Charlotte is sound a sleep

I don't want to wake her

Well I have a few things in the kitchen piled up

I have been meaning to tackle

Off to a good day at work

Thank God I work indoors

I can stay dry and be warm

The sun disappeared again

So I am not the only one

Who is struggling to make things happen