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A Truth That Sets Us Free


Not to matter the color of anyone's skin,

The own cultures or of their languages.

The ugliest truth so persists all to spite,

The racial divide that forever languishes.

Differences of one person from another,

Not to be much at all, a sister or a brother.

That same heart still to beat down inside,

Each has same values by which to abide.


Those hateful stares, the wicked glares,

Their spiteful, such disrespectful ways,

Always show the bad side of humanity,

Never to be erased, and forever stays.

When will we all learn to love everyone,

Each has the same needs and desires?

Why can't we then show our very best,

The example of the righteous inspires?


What does it take to show we each care,

That we all have like spirits and a soul?

Must we ever live in pain, make no gain,

Reside in all our places out in the cold?

The better life that awaits us if we do care,

A heavenly garden so soon for all to share.

As we show our faith, our love flows through,

The Savior did take our burdens, all to bear.