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A Troubled Mind

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Brings On New Spirit

One from within

It may be there but not always active

When I have a problem

I search for a resolution

I depend on the knowledge I have learned

Each time trying to tap

Into a way that will benefit my understanding

Bringing about a positive result

There are times I have no quick answer

I use an educated guess

For example when I work or write there are times I lose my energy

I try to eat healthy

I take a daily vitamin as well as Biotin,Turmeric with Curcumin

Even Black Elderberries and a teaspoon of honey

Home cooked meals instead of eating at McDonald's

Even though I do enjoy it time to time

I snack on fruits and vegetables

I try to drink more water

Limit my sugary snacks even though I love them so much

I turn to nuts for a source of protein

There is something I am still missing

The get up and go

Got up and went

So I make new attempts to give me extra energy

I get eight to ten hours sleep where I use to get five to six hours a night

I constantly try to stay positive and think of new ways to increase my energy flow

Exercising when I can

To keep my body healthy

At fifty- seven I know I am not in my twenty's anymore

I restructure my day

To bring out my peak porformance

Now I don't just battle things that I struggle with

Age has slowed me down

Even though I struggle with that fact

Looking for more insight and understanding

Where I am lacking?

I wonder if you have a solution?

That I have not thought of

Until then I will continue

Pressing on like a steamboat in the night

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