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A Trip in Hyperbole


Our wording may be hard as a rock, or as soft as butter,

They may tickle our fancy, make our hearts all to flutter.

Metaphors as high as a mountain, or to flow like a river,

Adjectives hurting our ears, or cold, making us all shiver.

Hyperbole, its significance reflected, as a mirror in a lake,

Words often exaggerated, but creative, for goodness sake.

Birds flying as high as kites, a fishy deal, slippery as an ell,

Hold onto your hats, windy rhetoric is heavy, so easy to feel.


Some tales smell just like a skunk, others are so refreshing,

Make us feel like fifty-bucks, some wander, are digressing.

Some words so enlightening, others statements, frightening.

Drama's words leave us breathless, fine lyrics, heightening.

An author may be as honest as the day is long, even longer,

Although we may be as right as rain, our reasoning, wronger.

What goes up, must come down, even as a balloon, full of air,

Speak of courage, a pledge, cute as a speckled pup, are rare.


She's as silly as a goose, or he's as strong as an old oak tree,

Quick as any lightning, walks as slow as a tortoise, scott-free.

Walking the straight and narrow, as gentle as a fluffy sparrow.

Are crooked as snakes, are so full of it, needs a wheelbarrow.

Faith, as a mild small seed, moving mountains, high as heaven,

A chance to be forgiven, just an hour before midnight, at eleven.

It's never too late to change your mind, make the right decisions,

No horse is too old to run, in the race of life, each soul envisions.


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