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A Tribute to the Chair—Poem

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

The humble garden chair

The humble garden chair

A Tribute To The Chair: Poem

All through the day, and night,

You are always there in sight,

Standing firmly at your place,

With never ending grace,

To provide soothe, and comfort,

Without showing any effort,

To relax the tired legs, and feet,

And it’s a complete treat,

Many times on a busy day,

To feel reassured, you are there.

The humble chair listens,

The many tales, that’s shared,

By the people, who seat there,

Men or women, young or old,

The chair doesn’t discriminate,

Between rich or poor,

People confide on the seat,

Thinking, no one could hear,

But the modest chair listens,

As well as hides their fears,

And handles them with care,

Thank the chair, for always being there.


The modest chair, provides us relaxation mentally as well as physically

The modest chair, provides us relaxation mentally as well as physically

Can you imagine a World without the chairs?

How easily, do we overlook the importance of our seating place?
Whether it‘s your living room sofa, your dining chair, your study chair, the easy armchair, where you love to sit cozily.
And not to forget, that big chair at your nearby park, or garden.
How often in a single day, we take that seat, to relax, to ponder, to study, to think, and so on.
Can you imagine a World, without any chairs?
What will happen to the tired, and the exhausted men, and women, old, and young, rich, or poor?

We will be left with tired legs and feet.
Yes, the humble chair does not discriminate between the rich and poor.

It provides rest and relaxation to everyone, who takes the seat.

And, it relaxes us physically, as well as mentally.

Chitrangada Sharan

Questions & Answers

Question: Can chairs relieve your dormant pain inside your heart?

Answer: I believe, that we have to help ourselves, to relieve our hurt or pain. It needs a complete change in our thinking and attitude. One must take the life, as it happens. Pleasure and pain are part of life. No one can say, that I have never felt any pain. One has to learn to deal with it.

When you take rest on a chair, with a calm and peaceful mind, l think it helps. Letting go, forgiving people, who caused you pain, forgetting the unpleasant happenings in your life, will all lead to peace and happiness.

© 2018 Chitrangada Sharan

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